A Letter from Wayne Clements

Wayne Clements

In order to show support for applying to become a ‘Selected Level’ Main Street community, we first asked our Board and Team members to write letters showing their support for the program.  One of the letters by Wayne Clements particularly hit home and reminded me of one of the major reasons we volunteer our time and talents for this cause.  We have a strong desire to make a difference so that we can leave our community better than we found it and enjoy it while we’re here!    I hope you enjoy Wayne’s letter as much as I did.  Cindy

From Wayne:

To Michigan Main Street Center,

As a boy, my parents would take me to, what was then known as ‘Uptown Saline’, to enjoy entertainment for them at the Mason Hall, and for me at the Saline theater directly below.  Other trips to the Uptown from our farm north of town would mean angle parking our Studebaker in front of the C.F. Smith grocery to get our week’s supply of food.  To get the most from each trip, Mother would then shop at the Burkharts dry goods store while Dad and I stopped at the post office, paid the Edison bill and picked up some parts at the John Deere dealer on the corner.  A final stop for the day could be the butcher shop before heading home.

As a high school student, I drove the same Studebaker to Union school, just a block north of Uptown.  During lunch hour it was common to walk to the drug store for an ice cream sundae or pick up some school supplies at the variety store.  With any time left, we would stop in at the bowling alley and pool hall to see who might be there.

Today when I go Downtown, the experiences of those early days are re-lived. Each building offers a memory for me and provides that feeling of belonging to the community.

Along with the support of the Saline Area Historical Society, I would like to first help preserve, maintain and offer suggestion to help visitors enjoy their experience Downtown as I have.  Secondly, to bring local history to the attention of the community as often and in as many ways as possible.  Combining Downtown history with the new experiences that the Downtown offers today will give the community a feeling of belonging and a very rewarding destination.

‘Main Street’ will continue to serve the community, although for different needs, to satisfy current and future generations.


Wayne Clements
SHDA Design Team Member


About Route '12 to Main Street

Route '12 to Main Street is sponsored by the Saline Historic Downtown Alliance (SHDA), a new non-profit entity focused on the revitalization of Downtown Saline for the benefit of the entire community. SHDA, with the support of the City of Saline and the EDC, is applying to become a Main Street community through the Michigan Main Street Center. It is a competitive process and over the next seven months, volunteers are working hard to prepare for the application process by educating the community, recruiting volunteers and gaining support. Benefits to become a 'Selected' Main Street community through the Michigan Main Street Center program are 5 years of technical training, design services, and increased public awareness for our community. Benefits of having a comprehensive Downtown revitalization strategy are even more, and we will be talking about these advantages in upcoming blogs.

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  1. Thank you Wayne for bringing some of the history alive! Would love to hear more stories about Saline!

  2. Wayne,thank you for sharing your experiences of growing up in Saline. Many of us have only been here for 30+ or less years and would have not idea of what Saline was like when Union School was Saline High. I love looking at the pictures but your words were very eyeopening to me.

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